It is one of the oldest photographic printing processes, having been invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842.  The essence of Herschel’s discovery was that paper impregnated with certain iron salts was light sensitive: a Prussian blue image being formed when exposed to light.  Anna Atkins used it for botanical studies in 1850’s
The cyanotype is a contact printing process .  Prints are made on a variety of acid free papers and fabrics such as silk and cotton. 
I always expose the pictures outside in the sun, but this process depends on the position of the sun and the weather.
fragil 12      70x50  on paper
gz 04        2020       cyanotype on paper     70x50   
how fragile we are    2020    cyanotype on paper each  30 x 20 cm
fragil   2020       cyanotype on paper   each 33x23 cm
waves-into   01-06      2019
into 01 2019  on paper 60 x 50cm
into 02 2019  on paper  60 x 50cm
into 03  2019  on paper  60 x 50cm
into 04  2019  on paper  60x45cm
into 05  2019  on paper  60x50cm
into 06  2019  on paper  60x50cm
liquid I-III    2018     on paper  each 85 x 65cm
x   2018  cyanotype on Hahnemühle platinum rag   65 x 85 cm
liquid -  2018    cyanotype on paper   35x45cm
oT   2018   cyanotype on Hahnemühle platinum rag    80x60cm
Spuren  2018   cyanotype on Hahnemühle platinum rag   60x80cm
Spuren II   2018  cyanotype on Hahnemühle Platinum Rag   60x80cm
oT   2018   cyanotype on Hahnemühle Platinum Rag   60x80cm
Amrum  2018   30x20cm
Eis   2018   30x20cm
Eis II    2018  30x20cm
Wolken  2018   on Paper   70x50cm
oT   2018   on paper  colored  50x70cm
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